Theo Adler

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Theo Adler is a singer/songwriter born in London.

He began playing piano and guitar at the age of five and later started writing songs after hearing Ben Folds Five’s “Whatever And Ever Amen.”

Inspired by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Gorillaz, Jungle and Radiohead, Theo weaves his own spin into the songs and recordings he makes.

In 2019, Theo started collaborating with Luke Potashnick ( at his new studio, The Wool Hall in Somerset – previously occupied by Tears for Fears and Van Morrison, The Wool Hall has also seen the likes of The Smiths, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones and Paul Weller passing through.

Luke Says – “I remember first hearing Theo and immediately understanding and identifying where he’s coming from… Theo’s talent and what he brings to his recordings are truly unique in this day and age. They reminded me of the early Beck and Kinks records at the same time… As we continue to make records together, Theo’s writing goes from strength to strength… I couldn’t be more excited and into what he is doing.”

Theo Adler